The Difference Between Me and You | Duane Watson Band

The Duane Watson Band has done it again with a new video release entitled “The difference Between You and Me.”

It is a fast paced, foot stomping good time video, where the lyrics draw from hard times in Duane’s past . All the while he pokes fun at the “Wannabee” tough guys who permeate Outlaw counrty these days, singing about things the in light have never done…like hold a gun or spending some hard time in a pennitentury. Duane touches on a familiar frameworks without clinging too hard to the specifics. This song feels ragged in all the right places, a testament from a band that shoulders the weight of disappointment, lost years, and heartbreak without allowing it to become a burden.

It’s in moments like these that the band’s chemistry explodes, bottling the sort of energy that can only ever be fully experienced live.

I’m kinda making fun of Wannabes, LoL hope you enjoy feel free to download and share,Have a great Saturday everyone.

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