Ghost – Mary On A Cross (Live In Tampa 2022)

Earlier this week, Ghost added viral sensations to their extensive resume. The band recently landed their first-ever song on Billboard’s Hot 100 Songs chart with “Mary on a Cross,” which entered at No.90.

Originally released in 2019 as a B-side, “Mary On A Cross” has been experiencing a resurgence online, going viral on TikTok after being used in a fan-made video in July.

To celebrate the revived success of the original, the Swedish rock icons released a “slowed + reverb” version of their surprise smash.

The new version lends theatrics and a sense of ominous doom to the sneering, sardonic hit. The “slowed + reverb” version is also now available for creators to use on TikTok.


We wish to inform you that all good things must come to an end. Although the US Imperatour will wrap this weekend we wanted to leave you with this token of our appreciation for your continued support. Watch “Mary on a Cross – Live from Tampa 2022” Directed by Ryan Chang Additional Camera Operators: Jacob Shepherd, Randy Edwards and Casey Steinmiller. Audio recording by Matt Kogel Mixed by Hayden C Scott
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