Oh Darlin’ What Have I Done | The White Buffalo


The White Buffalo writes distinctly American music. Hailing from Huntington Beach, CA, they blend West Coast Country and gritty Americana to define their thunderous live sound. Jake Smith is an intimidating but kind man with a massive beard and glorious hair to match his stature. He sings somber lines in a wavy growl that’s powerful, yet often soft enough to force the listener to crank the volume way up. The band grinds out chunky, heavy grooves to go along with Smith’s sparse, delicate guitar work.

“Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways” is a character-focused concept record about a man returning from war filled with regret and searching for pride. Filled with an unresolved set of graceful tracks about love and loss, the record is a must-listen for any fan of quality storytelling. Songs featured in Sons of Anarchy, The Lone Ranger and Californication has skyrocketed these Western Bike-rockers into the National spotlight.

Oh Darlin’” is a character driven, twisted tale of unrequited love. Based on an imagined, very confused man, whom has recently lost his lover. He becomes more distanced and reclusive. Within his disillusionment, loneliness, and loss of faith in God, he begins to kill. He thinks that he is giving his estranged love the ultimate prize, human life. Some how thinking that these one of a kind gifts will once again regain her affection. It all end in a hanging.