It’s a Long Way to Top if You Wanna Rock and Rock ~ AC/DC

A song about the hardships of rock n’roll bands trying to become big and famous. Many musicians work in bad conditions, before they get famous and lead a life of luxury.

A lot of badly paid gigs in sketchy places (when you’re being cheated and thus not paid), being on the road all the time in cheap modes of transport, encountering all kinds of hardships like hostile audiences, etc. Features one of the few instruments in AC/DC’s ouvre outside of guitars, bass and drums: a bagpipe solo!

This song was included in the 1975′ album T.N.T. (which was only released in Australia) and in 1976’s High Voltage (the international version, not to be confused with 1975’s High Voltage, which was also only released in Australia). It served as the second single off the T.N.T. album


T.N.T. is the second studio album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC, released only in Australia, on 1 December 1975.