Whoop Ass King ~ Zed Head ft. Slob Rob

electronicGIG asked John “Fogman” Burkitt about the origins of this song this was his response which was story enough for this article. 

“The Song and character is based on the Psycho Slob Rob…who was ex pro-wrestler…who even got to go face to face with the legend Hulk Hogan. Slob Rob is 6′-5” and all business…only later to become the President of a the notorious Warlocks Motorcycle Club in Tampa (St. Pete’s) and got to know him when I had a place there in Florida. We rode, mucked about etc…and is a man who I consider a brother and a friend. A super nice guy but BAD ASS to the bone and the original inspiration for the Whoop Ass King.” 

~ John “Fogman” Burkitt.

John "FOGMAN" Burkitt on bass and Neil Chapman on Guitar...