WE SING | Kutcha Edwards

Kutcha Edwards’ 5th studio album ‘Circling Time’ is out now!

Legendary singer songwriter and Mutti Mutti man Kutcha Edwards has released his long-anticipated new album Circling Time through Wantok Musik.

The latest single from the album Singing Up Country is a song resonating with proud, ancestral spirit. An uplifting, powerful ballad, it highlights Kutcha’s connection to family, his ancestors and the land. Featuring the vocals of Wayne Thorpe who, in language, sings Boondjil Noorrook, the Gunnai song of warning of the first sighting of Cook’s boats sailing up the southern coast. This celebratory song is joined on the new album by a heart-rending tribute to Kutcha’s mother in Mrs Edwards and the antithetic We Sing featuring a chorus of known and emerging vocalists from across the globe.

Circling Time, Kutcha’s fifth solo album, is filled with stories and reflections on the singer’s past and inspirations for the present. A survivor of the Stolen Generations, Kutcha has throughout his life and career connected people with a determination to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Circling Time is profound and a timely reminder of the incredible depth and talent of one of the most inspiring voices within the country.


’In telling my story, I believe I’m telling my family’s story. Within the structure of family there are members whose role it is to protect country. For others it’s to protect the memories such as photos. I believe I have been given the responsibility to protect my family’s Songline,’’ explains Kutcha.