The Hamiltones – VFMF

The Hamiltones - 2019 VFMF

The Hamiltones nailed it at last year’s Vancouver Folk Music Festival, adding their magical tones to the music of Ry Cooder. This year, the Hamiltones are back with their own band and their own show! The Hamiltones are a Grammy-nominated soul group from North Carolina. The trio of vocalists, J. Vito, Tony Lelo, and 2E, have recorded and performed with Grammy-winner Anthony Hamilton. Most recently, the Hamiltones have performed as backing vocalists for Ry Cooder on record and on tour. The exceptionally talented trio of background singers have come to the fore in their own right with a series of viral videos, late night television appearances, and their own shows.

The Hamiltones released a free EP on Soundcloud that has been reviewed as “original compositions, each highly melodic, rhythmically interesting, and vocally powerful. Quality songwriting being what it is of late in pop music, it is thrilling to hear well-crafted compositions that are as much a songwriting showcase as they are vocal showcases.” An album is expected in the near future.

The Hamiltones are modern soul music, respectful of its roots, delivered by wildly talented artists whose harmonies and performance are among the very best.

Gotta Be Lovin Me - The Hamiltones Acoustic Performance (World Premiere)