La Mexcalina – 2019 VFMF

La Mexcalina - 2019 VFMF

La Mexcalina formed in Guadalajara, Mexico in July 2012 with the intention of fusing traditional Mexican music (canto cardenche, pirekua) with rock, punk, rockabilly, country, swing, folk, surf, and more.

The band’s members grew up in Mexico, surrounded by traditional music and folklore in their homes. They believe there are no borders in their music, that enjoying rock, country, and rockabilly does not prevent them from continuing to perform mariachi or sones or even merging these various styles.La Mexcalina were originally founded with Jazz Díaz on vocals and rhythm guitar, Fernando Briones on drums, and Edgardo Díaz on bass. They remained a trio until 2015, when Raul Cruz joined on lead guitar, becoming the fourth official member. Under this new lineup, La Mexcalina recorded their debut self-titled album. 

Moved by the desire to further enrich their sound, La Mexcalina added a pair of instruments. Edgardo picked up the contrabass, and Jazz added a Texan box guitar. With these new sonic additions, the band recorded their second release, El Cardenchero, in November 2017.


And with special thanks from the La Mexcalina has allowed electronicGIG permission to publish two of their videos that were shot during one of the workshops with Son of James, Linda McRae, Kirchen, & Cox and McRae

La Mexcalina - Vancouver folk music festival 2019 - El Ultimo Trago

La Mexcalina – Vancouver Folk Music festival 2019 – El Ultimo Trago

La Mexcalina - Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2019 La Llorona feat Son of James Kirchen, Cox & McRae

La Mexcalina, Son of James y Kirchen, Cox and McRae “La llorona” Vancouver folk music festival 2019, Julio 21 2019, Jericho Beach Park.

La Mexcalina-El Cardenchero
Full Demo 2018