Hunger Strike – Toni Cornell


Jesús González April 20, 2020

It seems incredible but almost three years have passed since the legendary Chris Cornell, vocalist and leader of bands like Soundgarden and Audioslave left us. A lot has happened since then – like the members of the Seattle gang fighting with Cornell’s widow, Vicky, for the rights to some songs – but despite all this the world remembers him as one of the best voices we could listening in the 90’s. His influence is still present (especially in his family) and in these difficult times, listening to his songs could be what we need to find peace.

Chris Cornell singing with his children

 Photo: Getty

It turns out that the 15-year-old daughter of the legendary musician, Toni, was one of the artists who participated in the Music Lives charity concert, a three-day online festival they organized to raise funds against COVID-19 and to support to the musicians and staff who currently do not have a job. In addition to seeing acts such as Nas or J Balvin, the presentation of the oldest of the Cornell drew attention for being a heartfelt tribute to her father in this time where we are sensitive to everything that is happening.


For this presentation, Toni Cornell decided to cover “Hungry Strike”, one of the songs Chris composed for his extraordinary project Temple of the Dog –along with Eddie Vedder, Jeff Arment, Stone Gossard Mike McCready and Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam–. Before ripping off this true grunge gem, Cornell’s daughter said she was in her dad’s study and was going to sing one of her favorite songs.

But the moment to drop the tear came when she finished her message saying, “I love you, Dad, and I hope to do this justice” as a poster of Chris Cornell appeared behind her. And so he began to play his own version of this song on the acoustic guitar, with an extremely sweet voice but that suddenly surprised us by hitting high notes as his father did. If you are fans of the musician, this will surely brighten your day.

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