Fly me to Volos | Damien ARIBERT

A personal message from  Damien.

Hi everybody,
I am very happy to announce that I have just obtained a new recognition issued by Maestro Yorgos Foudoulis, creator of World Guitar Day. I am therefore recognized as an ‘Outstanding and Distinguished Honorary Member’, in gratitude for the work of the Anthem ‘Fly me to Volos’ I wrote for the Volos World Guitar Orchestra, and which will be played in the 4 corners of the world by various official partners on October 18! What an honor! In just a few days a dozen partners have asked me for the part, and the list is growing as it goes. Yorgos Foudoulis wrote lyrics for those who would like to sing. What an incredible adventure!

Originally written for guitar orchestra, and dedicated to Volos World Guitar Orchestra & their conductor Yorgos Foudoulis (World Guitar Day’s founder), I arranged my composition ‘Fly me to Volos’ for solo guitar. But listening to Yorgos & Ioli Skourti Tsiropoulou in a wonderful voice-guitar duet, inspiration came to do a tremolo version. ‘Fly me to Volos’ is official Anthem of the World Guitar Day.

Celebrating Guitar Day with the participation of 112 countries

The culmination of the World Guitar Day 2022 events took place in a festive atmosphere last Saturday,
October 22, at the Domotel Xenia Volos, with a live broadcast in 112

As stated in the relevant press release, “the glamorous official event was framed by the presence of the Representatives of Political, Cultural and Business Organizations, rallying the support forces in a global institution, which catapulted the city to the top, after the city of Volos founded the World Guitar Day in which 122 countries participate, with Giorgos Fundoulis as the initiator and founder.

The President of the UNESCO National Council Mrs. Mary Maroulis Zilemenos, the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Varelas, the Member of Parliament Mr. Athanasios Lioupis, the Vice-Regional Governor Mrs. Dorothea Kolyndrinis, the President of the Chamber of Magnesia Mr. Aristotelis Basdanis, the Representative of the Culture Agency of I.M.D. “Magneton Kivotos” Mr. Nikos Tsoukas, the Brigadier General of the Police Mr. Vassilis Karaiskos, Ms.

Warm greetings were conveyed by Representatives of: the Deputy Minister of Education & Religion Mr. Zettas Makris, the Member of Parliament Mr. Alexandros Meikopoulos, the Member of Parliament Mr. Konstantinos Maraveyas, the Municipality of Volos, Ms.

The event was coordinated by the Ambassador of the World Guitar Day, Mrs. Mary Tsaknakis Gavala, and the Philologist – Coordinator of Educational
Programs, Mrs. Sophie Kantaraki.

The difficult coordination of the diverse technical support was done by the President and Members of the Hellenic Spirit Organization. The event included: An overview of the events around the world, creening of a short video with highlights from events in other countries, Awards, Awards, a short concert by the Volos Guitar Orchestra conducted by Giorgos Fundoulis, the presentation of the World Guitar Day Anthem composed by French composer Damien Aribert entitled “Fly me to Volos”.

The musical works “Iolkos” and “Fly me to Volos” symbolically participated in the ancient “Kitharis”, a model of the guitar of the first guitarist and teacher of the guitar of Chironos Centauro, built by the researcher Nikos Kavvadas for the Volos Guitar Museum. A small section of the Volos Guitar Orchestra took part in the short concert, with: Giorgos Fountoulis (conductor, guitar), Anestis Louloudis (guitar, mandolin), Ioli Skourtis (vocals), Vasiliki Zisi (vocals), Katerina Papaioannou
(flute) , Irianna Syrigou (guitar, vocals), Dimitris Demiris, Haris Koutsoubelias, Marialena Doulos, Mary Tsekouras, Theano Vaoutis, Iason
Velentzas, Christos Magginas, Apollon Mitsakis, Ifigenia Rorri, Vassilis
Simopoulos, Elli Skoufogianni, Eleni Stergianou, Angeliki Fountouli.


The Celebration of “World Guitar Day 2022” was realized under the auspices of UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and with the co-organization of the Bodies: Culture Body of I.M.D. “Magnetic Ark”, Region of Thessaly, Municipality of Volos (DOEPAP – DI.PE.THE.), Chamber of Magnesia, Hellenic Spirit Organization, International Art Academy, Hellenic Community of Brussels, as well as with the support of dozens of regional and international Agencies.

The French composers Damien Aribert and Eric Penicaud have made a special contribution to the success of this year’s event and to the promotion of Volos and our region. Damien Aribert composed the World Guitar Day Anthem entitled “Fly me to Volos”, which is already heard in 112 countries.

Eric Penicaud composed the musical work “The Gallop of Chiron Centaur”, which will soon be the start of the World Guitar Games and the Revival of the Ancient Greek Guitar Games.

The World Guitar Games will start a little later in 112 countries and will take the form of the Guitar Olympiad. They will follow the model of the Olympic Games, with a vision and goal (if
the conditions are favorable), to end up in Volos in 2023 and to fill the Panthessal Stadium with guitarists from all over the world.

This year in the Celebration events, the global interest and one of the Prizes of the institution was deservedly won by Ukraine where in the midst of the war, five cities in Ukraine and especially the Music School in the city of Lviv, organized impressive events for World Guitar Day sending messages peace, reconciliation, culture.

The most impressive events were organized in the countries: Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador, USA, Indonesia, Ms.

The World Guitar Day was founded and established in 2021, with the inspiration and initiative of the guitarist – composer – professor Giorgos Fountoulis, under the auspices of UNESCO and the “Magnets of the Ark”, as well as dozens of international organizations of high prestige and wide reach, with headquarters and Center Coordination Volos. World Guitar Day has been communicated to UN member countries and will be celebrated worldwide every year on October 18 (with a flexible holiday
period from October 15 to 22).

112 Countries, 670 Cities around the world officially participated this year in the great Guitar Festival and organized impressive events with
unprecedented enthusiasm, joining
forces and sending messages of peace, reconciliation, culture, positive energy, symbolized by the most popular musical instrument, the GUITAR,
which has a recorded history of 4,000 years and originates from the ancient Greek era with the mythical god Apollo, the great teacher, as
the first guitarists Chiron Centaur, Orpheus, Achilles, Heracles, Plato,
Sophocles, Ms.

Bonjour à tous,

J’ai l’immense joie de vous annoncer que je viens juste d’obtenir une nouvelle reconnaissance délivrée par le Maestro Yorgos Foudoulis, créateur du World Guitar Day. Je suis donc reconnu comme Membre honoraire exceptionnel et distingué, en remerciement pour le travail de l’Hymne “Fly me to Volos” que j’ai écrit pour le Volos World Guitar Orchestra, et qui sera joué aux 4 coins du monde par divers partenaires officiels le 18 octobre! Quel honneur! En quelques jours seulement une douzaine de partenaires m’a demandé la pièce, et la liste s’allonge au fur et à mesure. Yorgos Foudoulis a écrit des paroles pour celles et ceux qui souhaiteraient chanter. Quelle aventure incroyable!


Je profite de ce message pour ajouter la playlist de mon récital du 08 Juillet dernier capté à l’église d’Angey dans la Manche, ainsi que l’article de presse. Eglise pleine, super ambiance, 3 rappels et standing ovation! Incroyable

Merci à tous pour votre intérêt et votre soutien. Je vous souhaite un bon visionnage avec les vidéos et vous souhaite un bel été.

A bientôt!