Du Hast ~ O’Keefe Music Foundation

Have you ever heard Rammstein’s foreboding 1997 smash, “Du Hast,” and thought: “What if a nine-year-old girl was singing in place of Till Lindemann?” Well, here’s how that would sound.

Courtesy of the O’Keefe Music Foundation, a 10-person band of kids and teens, ages nine to 18, have delivered a youthful take on the classic Neue Deutsche Härte banger. Fronted by nine-year-old Taylor Jade Campbell, who does indeed sound like a child, the gaggle of young rockers deliver a legitimately tight and invigorating performance while decked out in creepy hazmat suits. In addition to the standard rock instruments, there’s also a 10-year-old pulling a Shawn “Clown” Crahan by whacking on a metal barrel with a baseball bat in Slipknot-like fashion. It’s dope as hell.

The O’Keefe Music Foundation is an organization that provides free music education to children and adolescents — and seemingly specializes in awesome heavy-metal covers. Watch their latest above.