Don’t wanna be your friend no more | Blue Ophilia

Don’t wanna be your friend no more by Blue Ophilia is a playful romp of a song, reminiscent of the early 60’s.

With witty lyrics and a catchy Reggae / calypso beat it takes the listener though a whimsical evaluation of a friendship gone wrong from start to finish.

Blue Ophilia takes the listener along for a joyful ride from beginning to end with her evolving feelings for an unspecified female friend. This song is like a breath of fresh air from the cookie cutter hits of late.

We reached out to Blue to ask her the motivation for the song…she happily answered back…

“I wrote this song in 2006. It is about a woman who befriended me. She was 17 years older. Every one despised her and warned me to stay away from her, but she always came to chat. Sadly, because she was kind to me, I could not despise her and I chose to take her at face value. We became friends, but over time, I began to see how terribly she treated others. Secondly, she became quite jealous when I spent time with those who despised her. I also became very well like, which only fueled more jealousy. I had a talk with her. I explained, that I cannot be friends with one who treats others terribly and who tries to control me. That did not go well. She wanted to maintain the friendship. But I declined. From there, she made my life miserable, because she was the manager at a job I worked at. I ended up quitting. Fear, insecurity and the need for power, or attention creates monsters.”