The New Goth in Town…Vancouver’s HEAD.

The New Goth in Town...Vancouver's HEAD.

HEAD was borne of the twisted psyches of misfits and outcasts. Their collective histories hint at the slightly skewed nature of the music. 
HEAD is Lyric, Stone – keys, Diz – guitar, The Phantom – bass and Styxx – drums.

“HEAD’s music is solid and powerful as Lyric, (almost like a modern day, female version of Alice Cooper), takes command of the stage from the moment the lights come up. She beckons the crowd to come closer, then proceeds to draw them into her dark and twisted journey. Her stage presence is undeniable. Every nuance is natural and almost dance-like.” … Terry Banks
“Her bandmates meanwhile, create a rich, goth-like tapestry with tasteful baroque-metal guitar, cascading funeral-swirl keys, and rock-steady drums.” Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight

HEAD is alternative art-rock, a little industrial, progressive, HEAD is heavy but melodic, dark, but highly-charged. HEAD is controversial and edgy. 
Think Halestorm and Evanescence mud wrestling with Nine Inch Nails and Garbage… Complete with make up, costumes, alter egos and 2 concept albums about the life of a woman named Alberta. Meet Alberta and follow her down, through myriads of dark emotions and her chaotic life…

“Dear Father” is HEAD’s 2nd full length studio album, released in April 28, 2018, recorded at Warehouse Studio, Zed Studio and Wave Studio in Vancouver, produced by Stone and Sheldon Zaharko; mastered by Andy VanDette at Engine Room Audio, New York. Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.

HEAD’s 1st studio album, “Afraid to Sleep” was launched Feb 20 2016. “Afraid to Sleep” was recorded at the Warehouse and Zed Productions, again produced by Stone, Sheldon Zaharko and HEAD. Mastered by Andy VanDette Engine Room Audio New York. “Afraid to Sleep” is the first of two concept albums.

HEAD’s self titled EP (2015) was recorded at The Warehouse and Zed Productions with Stone and Sheldon Zaharko at the helm. The self titled EP was Produced by Stone, HEAD and Sheldon Zaharko.. Mastered by Andy VanDette Engine Room Audio New York.

“Dear Father” is the final chapter which unravels the sickness, and reveals the hold Alberta’s abusive father had on her. Alberta, deeply infected by this damage, continues the cycle by bringing it into her own relationships, elevating her madness to a fever pitch…
The story can be found on HEAD’s website … warning, you’ll need a bottle of Jamesons to get through it.

“Dense with a mingling of keyboards and guitar. Accessible but still not obvious. There is a lot going on…” “You don’t really need the story. It serves as an inspiration and is an outline that gives Dear Father its shape, but the songs can stand on their own.” (Tom Harrison, music reviewer) 

“Head gives good rock opera on Dear Father. The group cites Evanescence, Halestorm … and Nine Inch Nails as major influences, the former two most evident thanks to singer Lyric’s vocal delivery. She wrenches every bit of drama out of “Love Lies” lines like “I am sick, sick as a dog, out of my mind, stomach in knots, I die.” 
Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight

Take a glimpse inside HEAD…

Many have lived a troubled past; few have come through it so well.
A survivor of alcoholic parents, an abusive father, kidnapping and death threats towards her family, Lyric exorcises her demons onstage through song.
“I use my past as a vehicle for ascension through music”… and that she does.
Whether it be the song’s subject matter, her yearning, soul-searching voice, or while she’s seductively whispering to the audience as one, her stage performance will leave you feeling as if you’ve known her all your life and at the same time as if you’ve never seen anyone like her…

It started with a concept.
Stone was there.
The concept took its first flight in song.
Stone was there.
If Lyric can be said to be the soul of HEAD, then Stone is the heart… literally a “heart of Stone”.
But, while Lyric uses her voice to share her pain, Stone was never much for conversation (despite a wicked wit and deep wisdom)
Steeped in orchestral music and always drawn to darkness, his keyboards were his voice from an early age.
His moods, the richness of texture, intensity and depth are what binds the music of HEAD together and the shackles that capture and hypnotize the listener…

The Phantom:
Nobody knows too much about The Phantom.
He materializes for shows, rehearsing and recording, but the times between those events?
No one’s really sure.
It’s not clear where he goes, what his history is, how he arrives… even who he is beyond… he’s The Phantom.
What IS obvious is the pulse and enchanted rhythm of those trench-ripping, dark bass lines that drip from his long fingers, compelling audiences to sway with him…to follow him down the next black passageway…to be led anywhere…resistance is futile…

Being locked in the cellar for most of his youth… that changes a person.
Styxx took his frustrations and abandonment issues out on anything nearby that could withstand his constant punishment, beating on the very foundation of his prison, learning to channel his anger and violence in rhythm.
Deep, primal, primitive rhythms that pulse and drive the music irresistibly forward…
Styxx became the very foundation that imprisoned him, finally breaking out and emerging like the beast reborn…into the musical enigma that is HEAD…

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“Sex Like Rock Stars”, the 1st radio/video single was shot and edited by Jeremy Gladstone from Sleeping Bag Studios. Directed by Jeremy Gladstone and HEAD. Video released March 22nd 2016. “Sex Like Rock Stars” video uses mannequins, music and back stage antics to portray the story behind the song. Sexy, twisted and highly anticipated. Released on HEAD Youtube channel

Sex like Rock Stars track released DMDS July 28 2016.

Dear Father
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Afraid to Sleep