Los pacha mama Y Flor Amargo – 2019 VFMF

Los pacha mama Y Flor Amargo

Mother Earth – the English translation of Los Pachamama – is the perfect moniker for this multi-generational musical family from the heart of the Gulf of Mexico.  For 30 years, they’ve restored an appreciation for musical traditions born from a mixing and syncretism of rhythms and harmonies from the deep folklores of Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America.  Enter dynamic Mexican singer-songwriter and poly-instrumentalist Flor Amargo, a graduate of Mexico CIty’s Conservatory of Music and The Voice Mexico semifinalist.  She’s created what she dubs ‘cathartic pop’- characterized by a ball of energy, emotion and drama.  Their spontaneous meeting melds two approaches and musical visions as roots and pop music find common ground, for a fresh ‘neofolk’ sound that revives musical traditions.  

Expect an awe-inspiring show of force and eccentricity with daring and innovative arrangements as they pour out a deep love of songs that have moved generations of listeners.  Producer Ivan Druan of Stonetree records (Andy Palacio, Calypso Rose, Kobo Town and Aurelio Martinez) 0uts the finishing touches on this sonic marriage on their new recording.


Flor Amargo Feat the Pachamama “El Feo” from a subway car in Mexico City, a song originally from the Isthmus of Oaxaca, The original title of the song is “Paraneti naa”