Let My Soul Fly – Gee Dubz & Manny Young ft. Strikt Villin

Brand New Music Called ” Let My Soul FLy ” Our 3rd release off our up and coming album ” 4 The Love .”

Featuring recording artist Strikt Villin Album: 4 The Love Recorded at: Feel Good Studios Mixed & Mastered by: Feel Good Productions Shot by: Feel Good Productions Produced by: Impala Drummerz

“Let My Soul Fly” was our 3rd single off our up and coming album ” 4 The Love ” that came to life early morning sitting in the studio. With so much going on this year I felt like it was hard to take a second to breath. I remember feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, the world was going to sh*t, plus things where just not just going right for me.
Manny young was the one who started off this track, he had previously written to the instrumental for the 1st Verse. Scrolling though his daily selection of beats he came across this one by impala drummerz.
Manny going through depression at this point thinking about addiction and seeing a lot of Facebook post of our First Nation’s people dying from overdoses.
He feels the need to speak positively through this track ….He then showed myself (Gee) and once I heard it, I ran with it creating the hook and 2nd verse the same night we put Manny’s 1st Verse down.
I then sent the song to my good friend and recording artist Strikt Villin. He came back with some of that reals sh*t so we then put that down in the studio and that’s that, Let My Soul Fly came to life.
It took a couple of days to shoot the video and get everyone together. We shot over a bunch of locations and got the video finalized and put it out.
So far it’s been such great feedback and people are loving it.
Much more new music to come from
Feel Good Entertainment …. Stay tuned

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