John “FOGMAN” Burkitt of ZedHead Interview on The Gator Show ~ VRadio Tennessee.

John “FOGMAN” Burkitt of the band ZedHead will be giving a rocking interview with The Gator today on Thirsty Thursdays on VRadio Nashville today. VRadio Nashville features indie rock, pop, country music from up and coming artists from around the globe. VRadio Nashville have a long history of awards and helping artists launch their music.

ZedHead is coming off hiatus they are in the midst of completing their third CD (release date still to be determine.) Meanwhile they are planning a full North American tour which they just signed with their new agents Galaxy Class Entertainments out of Orlando Florida and Nashville, Tennessee.


Also interviewed is singer songwriter extraordinaire Linda Wright. So and check them out before they hit your town.

ZED HEAD is the soulful, rockin’  funkin’ gitar and vocal’s of Neil (Big E) Chapman  and John “FOGMAN” Burkitt on his ripping EB3 bass and vocals.