Georgetownians – DJ Salty Dog (Music Video)

YRICS: Oh yeh this is salt dog here You know my friends from Toronto think Georgetown some kinda hick town I said I can understand the confusion but your probably thinking about Acton I mean it is close in proximity. (Course) (And I say Georgetown Is my hometown And when you see me walking around Just say hey Salty whats going down-down-down Because the party just cant be found) Uh-ah Uh-ah Uh-ah Uh-ah Understand my lyrics and flow Actonites just got to go Born and raised in the G-town-own-own-own-own Nouns and verbs are the words Im speaking Georgetown chicks yeah they always freaking Public transport is what im seeking Cause this cow manure is reeking Now heres one thing I dont understand Why do I always see the chickenman more often then Ive ever seen an African … good Question ((Course)) Oa-ah Oa-ah Oa-ah Oa-ah Ok this what I got to say Ther aint alot to do here on ur stay 5 pin bowling is what we play GDHS or CTK No mall we got a marketplace Clothing Stores they aint got no taste. Remember that Old McDonalds play place Dam those times were the best of days Yeh we are the town of hot moms Everywhere I go they playing my songs Play Beirut now what is beer pong? Actonites wanna get their hate on (Courses) Mm-pa Mm-pa Mm-pa Mm-pa Now theres some things I remember Like way back when I believe September At our local friendly fall fair Hell Broke loose yeah I riot there Or the old theatre with the sticky floors Had a scary old man and some dollar stores Used to try and stick the snacks in my jeans That theatre only had Three crappy screens Or the Jumbo video mmm back in the day Get the popcorn and you dont pay Dam these times just cant be beat Best westerns where you dad goes to cheat (Course) Yeh come on Salty Dog You know a lot of people I talk to from Georgetown Arent to proud to be from Georgetown You know They say things like Oh Im from Georgetown that tiny town or oh we dont have any stores Well you know what if your one of those people you need to shut that shit right up Because Im a Georgetownian And if you aint one Get the Hell out! (Scratch sequence)