Annette Ducharme – Apocalips (Official Video NEW 2019)

A Diamond award-winning songwriter and singer, Annette Ducharme recorded her first songs as part of the Bowers Ducharme Duo.The result was an EP that was released in 1981. Eight long years later, Ducharme finally completed a solo debut.

Other albums followed from the talented artist, some under her name, some under the pseudonym Don’t Argue With Her. Though Ducharme was still around two decades after she stepped up on a stage to perform, her musical career has been one filled with now-you-see-her’s and now you don’t. By the end of the ’90s, with exposure from heavy touring and the release of a number of music videos, it seemed she intended to stick around.

Annette Ducharme, sometimes called Anet by fans and friends, was born in Windsor, Ontario. She began performing at small local clubs, where she had a chance to polish her singing and guitar skills. In 1981, as the other half of the Bowers Ducharme Duo, she recorded the EP, In Real Life. Her career seemed on the up swing after that, but suddenly Ducharme pulled away and all but vanished from the music world’s spotlight for most of what was left of the decade.

In 1989 she finally reappeared on stage, this time going it solo. Her debut album, Blue Girl, earned her many positive reviews by critics. She was beginning to be nominated for awards for both her singing and song writing. To promote the solo debut she toured through Canada and into the United States, opening for Richard Marx. Five years later a second full-length album was finished, Sanctuary. In 1995 Ducharme began recording under the pseudonym Don’t Argue With Her, offering fans the new album Bloom. By 1997 she was back to using her real name for the release of Tortured. The title track from Tortured was featured in the hit summer movie Urban Legend, as well as on the popular thriller’s soundtrack.

Besides working as a singer and guitarist, Ducharme has penned a number of impressive songs for other artists, such as the Tom Cochrane hit single, “Sinking Like a Sunset.” Tracks from her own albums include “Stop Shooting Me,” “Will of the Gun,” “Realness,” “Stay (Don’t Go),” “For the Moon,” and “Cursed.” She performs with her own backing band. Members are drummer Stu Fazekas, bassist Ken Corke, keyboardist Vince Sciara, and guitarist Jamie Lizmore.

Artist Biography by Charlotte Dillon

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